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Boiler Repair Waterbury

Signs That You Need Boiler Repair Services At Your Waterbury, Connecticut Home

Did you know that boiler repair in Waterbury plays an essential part of our lives? It helps in providing warm water when we need it. Due to constant use of these devices, they are subjected to a high probability of breaking down. However, with regular inspection and proper maintenance practices, you can keep it functional for a longer time. Below are common signs that you need help:

Strange Noises

Just like any other appliance, strange noises are an indication of developing problems. Most boilers make some sounds, but if there is a change in the tone or intensity, you should be concerned. Variations in the sounds coming from your furnace indicate that there is a malfunction with one of the unit’s internal components. If you hear a hissing sound coming from your unit, this is indicative of sludge or iron deposits. This results in a hissing noise due to an uneven distribution of water, which will make the machine overheat or shut down altogether.

Weird Smells

If you can attribute a strange smell that emanates from your unit, you should call a plumber as soon as possible. This could be a sign of a gas leak. It is very dangerous to let this go unchecked for an extended period. You should also get regular carbon monoxide tests done at your Waterbury, CT home as well. You will not be able to smell, see, or feel the carbon monoxide, which makes a leak all the more dangerous because prolonged exposure can result in fatalities.

Puddles of Water

If you can view pools of water around it, you have a leak somewhere in your machine. When your heater is leaking water, it has to work harder to provide heat to your home. This puts more stress on the system than it can handle for an extended period. Calling a plumber right away to fix the problem will save you a lot of money on your energy bill and future maintenance costs. It is amazing how one small problem, which can be easily fixed, can cause serious damage if it is ignored for a lengthy period.

Increased Energy Bills

This is a sign that your unit is not operating to its full potential concerning efficiency. This is generally due to minor issues, but it is possible that you will have to replace your entire unit. A trained expert will be able to give you an accurate assessment of your heater and how much life it has left.

Hiring Plumbers To Help

It is essential that you hire a qualified engineer to service your unit. You should be away that they can come in different forms. You should hire a plumber who has specialized in the type of appliance. For instance, if you have a gas boiler, hire a Gas Safe engineer for your installation and servicing. For the cases of fuel unit, look for a HETAS registered contractor to do the job. Finally, hire an electrician plumber to service electric units safely.


Waterbury boiler repair is essential if you want to stay warm. Make sure you know the signs that indicate possible problems and do not hesitate to contact a service professional. Early detection will save you a lot of money in the long run!

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